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Core Services

Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I)

ProXopS provides "Tip of the Spear" SE&I services and solutions. Effective Systems Engineering is critical to the success of any program. We will execute our systems engineering approach through the following high-level process steps:

  • Operational Need/Concept
  • System Requirements/Architecture
  • Functional Requirements/Design
  • Detailed Requirements
  • Development and Test Support
  • Operations and Maintenance

IT Systems

ProXopS provides shared services solutions including commercial off-the-shelf brokering of hardware and software. This entails understanding many different products and service offerings. IT serves as a critical backbone to effectively communicate and must be done at an affordable price.

Faraday Research Facility

Faraday is a product that fly’s to the International Space Station (ISS) utilizing the Dragon and Cygnus spacecraft. Faraday offers a customer the ability to conduct research in a ZERO-G environment. Faraday is installed into the ISS EXPRESS by an astronaut, which initiates the experiments as designed. All research experiments should be designed to operate autonomously inside the Faraday. Depending upon the mission profile of the experiments, Faraday is uninstalled from the EXPRESS RACK and coordinated as down-mass via the Dragon and returned home. ProXopS will schedule pick up and delivery of the customer research as soon as we are permitted access to the Faraday Research Facility.

Strategic Planning Consulting

ProXopS through its founders have been trained to execute the "Strategic Planning Lifecycle." The Strategic Planning Lifecycle is comprised of the following elements:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development
  • Capture
  • Proposal Development
Mission Execution Hierarchy

ProXopS can support any of these elements in the lifecycle depending upon the customers need. Below is a basic Mission Execution Hierarchy that serves as the underpinning of how to stay focussed on the mission and increase chances of success in a highly competitive market.